Song on the Times



Lauren Breunig

lauren headshot Lauren Breunig sang with Village Harmony for many years and travelled with their first study program to Corsica. Since then, she has toured with Northern Harmony in the US, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, and Switzerland.  She has also sung with Hallowell, a hospice choir that sings at the bedsides of individuals nearing the end of life.  Currently, she works as a circus artist and teacher, performing on aerial fabric, trapeze, and in partner acrobatics.

Jeremy Carter-Gordon

jeremy headshot

In 2013 Jeremy Carter-Gordon joined Windborne, rounding out the group with bass notes and more banjo!  Jeremy holds a MA in dance anthropology, and is a bit of a dance nomad, from studying Swedish folk dance at the Erik Sahlström Institute in Sweden to traveling across Europe on a Watson Fellowship, collecting sword dance traditions. He is a well-known in the folk music and dance community  for his singing, dancing, and has taught traditional music and dance on five continents!

Lynn Mahoney Rowan

lynn headshot 1Lynn Mahoney Rowan is a veteran singer of Northern Harmony.  She has travelled to Corsica twice to study traditional polyphonic singing.    She is an accomplished song arranger, and an energetic workshop leader and teacher for Village Harmony as well as taking over the teen choir for Revels North.  She specializes in highly ornamented styles of singing, such as music from Corsica and Eastern Georgia.  She received a B.A. in Performance Studies from Marlboro College. She composed music for a production of Federico Lorca’s Blood Wedding, directed by Eric Bass.

Will Thomas Rowan

will headshotWill Thomas Rowan received his B.A. in Music Composition from Marlboro College, and his masters in Conducting from the Bard College Conservatory.  He specializes in choral compositions inspired by and incorporating styles and themes from the Shape-Note and ballad singing traditions.  He has sung for many years with Northern Harmony and he teaches for Village Harmony.  Will is a regular soloist and guest instructor with Revels North. For Windborne, Will plays the banjo and two Georgian stringed instruments, the Panduri and the Chonguri. In other musical endeavors, Will sometimes plays jazz and rock piano, as well as traditional Bulgarian drum.