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House Concert Booking!

Do you love Windborne and want to hear us live? Do you have a room in your house that could fit 25 or more friends?

You should host a Windborne house concert!

A house concerts is exactly what it sounds like, a concert in your home! More than that, it is a gathering of friends and community coming together to support and experience music in a very intimate and organic way. Unlike a large show, where the venue takes a large cut of the profits, admission from house concerts goes support the musicians. Many house concerts include snacks or even a potluck dinner to gather people to talk, and meet the musicians.
For Windborne, it has been one of our favorite ways to perform. Our music comes from the people, and getting the opportunity to  connect one-on-one with the people we sing for is something special. Singing just a few feet away from 35 enthusiastic smiling faces always leads to a very special atmosphere!

If you would be interested in bringing us to your home for a wonderful evening of music with your friends and community, please fill out this form and we will make sure to be in touch! Thanks for making it possible!

Windborne House Concert Booking Form

If you’ve never organized a house concert before, that’s fine! The organization Concerts In Your Home offers a great beginners guide, which you can access HERE!

You can use this sample email announcement to help get the word out, but feel free to adjust as necessary!

Email Announcement Guide

We are also friendly folk, and are happy to chat more if you have specific questions! Thank you for your support!