Song on the Times


Lay Around That Shack

  • Released: 2015
  • Format: CD

“A gleefully winding path through American music…theirs is a dynamic approach born of genuine and deep-seated appreciation of the tradition in all its aspects…The group name Windborne rather aptly characterises the infectious spread of the ensemble’s performances, carried as it were on the wind and thus capable of  reaching the parts that a more inward-facing presentation might not reach. Thoroughly commendable.” –Fatea Magazine


“Great vocal harmonies…I love the sound that gourd banjo makes. Brilliant stuff!”Mike Harding Folk Show


1. Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms

Recorded by Flatt and Scruggs in 1951, our arrangement is the product of a long van ride through the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan during our tour with American Music Abroad in 2014.


2. Diamond Joe

Versions of this old prison song have been sung by everyone from The New Lost City Ramblers to Jerry Garcia. Our arrangement is based on the John Lomax recording of Charlie Butler.


3. Idumea/Saint’s Delight

Two well-known tunes from the Sacred Harp combined as a medley.


4. Ain’t No Grave

According to legend, 10 year old Claude Ely wrote this song while sick with tuberculosis. Jeremy plays a double-headed handmade gourd banjo and does not have tuberculosis.


5. Way Down to Shawneetown

Lynn grew up listening to Metamora’s version of this Dillon Bustin tune, inspired by riverboating songs from the turn of the century.


6. Fox Went Out On A Chilly Night

This children’s song tells the story of a hungry fox, an unsuspecting farmer, and an ill-fated grey goose.


7. Gimme Just a Little More Time

Will and Jeremy make up their parts every time we sing this song, so we’re never quite sure what we’re going to get.


8. Blackest Crow

Lauren heard this song at a friend’s wedding and kept bugging the group until we made an arrangement of it.


9. Diggins

Originating as a hymn, this song was adapted to speak to the toils of mining in the 1849 California Gold Rush.


10. I Can Hew

A mining song written by David Dodds about the coal pits of Northeast England.


11. Darlin’ Corey

A hard-drivin’ story about hard-drinking Corey whose life goes downhill in a whiskey still.


12. Lazy John

Do lazy folks learn to play the banjo, or does playing banjo make ’em lazy?


13. Chilly Winds

This song has gone through many iterations and is one of the oldest in Windborne’s repertoire. We learned it from Peter and Mary Alice Amidon.


14. Greenland Fisheries

There are countless versions of both the melody and lyrics of this song. In some renditions, the captain mourns the loss of the whale and in others, he grieves more the death of his crewmen.


15. Grey Funnel Line

Cyril Tawney’s haunting ballad of a sailor’s lament at the closing of the day. The title is an allusion to the British navy, and speaks of the loneliness of life at sea.


16. Going Across the Sea

Jeremy started playing this song on the banjo whenever he had a spare moment, and when the rest of us couldn’t stop singing along, we knew we had to add it to our repertoire.