Song on the Times


Windborne Workshop-Ashfield MA-1/13


Join the singers of Windborne for a day of singing songs of protest and polyphony from around the world! This will be a singing spectacular, a fun gathering of new friends and old, and a wonderful time for all!

All abilities and experiences welcome, everything will be taught by ear, and Jeremy, Lynn, Will, or Lauren will be singing with you! From songs to sing at marches, to songs to sing with your friends, the days is garanteed to lift your spirits as we raise our voices! Join us!

Saturday, January 13th, 2018
The House of Ricki Caroll
292 Main Street Ashfield MA


$20.00 includes: Concert by Windborne @ 7pm. 

$35.00 includes: Singing workshop 2-5pm, and Dinner.$50.00 includes: Singing workshop 2-5pm, Dinner, and Concert @ 7pm.

Reserve your spot today!

Internationally acclaimed folk band Windborne is a group of vocal chameleons who specialize in close harmony singing, shifting effortlessly between drastically different styles of traditional music within the same concert. Their musical knowledge spans many continents and cultures, but they remain deeply rooted in American folk singing traditions. Praised for “the purity of their voices, strength of their material, and attention to detail in their arrangements,” Lynn Mahoney Rowan, Will Thomas Rowan, Lauren Breunig, and Jeremy Carter-Gordon share a vibrant energy onstage – their connection to each other and to the music clearly evident. They educate as they entertain, telling stories about the music and explaining the characteristics and stylistic elements of the traditions in which they sing.


Song on the Times

SONG ON THE TIMES is an illustrated songbook and album that brings together music from working class movements for peoples’ rights in the US and UK over 400 years, and sings them for today’s struggles. Enjoy Windborne’s richly harmonized arrangements with a book of beautifully illustrated lyrics and music, with history and reflections from activists, singers, and scholars.